Available Colors


Ice Jadeite – Also called “white jade” or “water jade”. The names refer to the fact that this jade is almost colorless. Our ice jade features veins of bright green and inclusions of olive, gray, and orange jade as well as shards of tourmaline (left), ice and some small ritulation (right) and ice with dark gray swirls and bright green flecks (below). 7f

15Amaizado – This green jade has a mottled appearance with black or dark green flecks in light green, causing a corn kernel effect.




Jaguar and Jaspeado Jadeite  These two hues are very common in Guatemala. Both stones have a mixture of dark to light greens, appearing as both veins and spots. Jaspeado, which means “mottled” in Spanish, has darker markings, while Jaguar jade has lighter blotches of greens.



8cApple Green – A yellowish light green like the inside of the fruit. It can be found with swirls of gray interspersed within the apple color (left), and mottled with dark tourmaline ritulation (right).

2 thoughts on “Available Colors

  1. It’s possible to obtain some other classes of Guatemalan jade like: esmeralda, olmeca, princesa, champán, melón, etc.?

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